What can we build for you today?

We offer a wide range of products that we design and produce custom to your needs. Here's a list of some of the products we offer:


•Architectural millwork    •Custom cabinetry                        •Custom finishing

•Custom cabinet doors   •Counter tops & work surfaces


What can we do for you today?

We have a passion for quality, and feel great pride in our accomplishment. Below you'll find a list of some of the services we offer our clients.


•A wide range of millwork services, using state of the art woodworking technology.

•Quality material, craftsmanship, and service even in the smallest of jobs.

•A.W.I. quality standards.

•Specialized cabinetry throughout the business, office, & home.

•Finished product includes delivery & installation.•Satisfaction guaranteed!!

Product Spotlight


Media Centers & Stereo Cabinets


In the last few years we have seen the transition from the old bulky CRT type of TV to flat screens. The cabinet for this type of TV is much different from the traditional gigantic wall unit. We are now making pieces that are very similar to credenzas and servers; lower longer pieces that are partitioned to hold AV components and media ( CD’s, DVD’s ), while the TV sits on top or hangs on the wall. Here are some things to think about:

The essential problem with designing media cabinets is that cabinetry is likely to long outlive the components. Our approach is to design furniture that fits your needs today, but also be of a size and configuration that it will provide alternative in the future